FORTWORTH -- World numberone Adam Scott willtee it up at the Crown Plaza Invitational. It's the first time the top-ranked golfer has played at Colonial in 19 years.

'It's something you throw around when you're a kid when you're 12 years old that you'll be the best player in the world.' says Scott. 'It's really quite incredible that it happened.'

He's number one and a Masters champ. That's a great draw for local golf fans, especially Dallas resident Alan Edmondson. He metScott and got him to autograph his hat.

'With Adam's signature today we have 39 names on the hat,' said Edmonson.

And you have to understand, this is a Masters hat like no other.

Thirty-nine Masters champions have signed it. All the living green jacket winners except for Bubba Watson. Edmondson started collecting the John Hancocks in the early 90s. Arnold Palmer's mark is among his favorites.

'He was just my boyhood hero growing up just a great ambassador for the game,' said Edmonson.

Edmonson says he initially go the idea to keep collecting signatures after he was offered a hundred dollars for the hat with Freddy Couples signature on it back in '92. But some 20-plus years later, he now says he doesn't care what the hat's worth now because its not for sale.

He's met all the champs in person and his daughter Callie has been with him for most of the introductions. She started when she was four and she'll be 27 this summer.

'Can't think of a more enjoyable and fun '22 year journey' I call it. She doesn't play golf, could care two hoots about golf, but this has been a way we've connected,' he said.

Now, we've just got to get Bubba on board.


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