DALLAS - Tremaine 'Trey' Sampson was wise for a kid just 13 years old.

Cancer will do that.

We met Trey back in September when he scored a touchdown for Balch Springs Middle School. A rare form of bone cancer took his arm. And on Friday, it took his life.

From his hospital bed back in February, he told us that he wasn't scared of dying.

'We're all going to die one day,' he said. 'Tomorrow isn't promised to anybody.' And that he had planned to live every day like it's his birthday.

Weeks after telling that to News 8, Trey celebrated his 13th-and-a-half birthday. He was shy, but thankful for another day.

Trey loved playing outside. And like most teens, he was good at video games, too. He watched a lot of wrestling and at times would practice some moves on his two younger sisters, Ashanti and Samantha.

Trey was the man of the house. Looked up to by his sisters and adored by his mother, Kimberly Sampson.

Trey's story impacted people across the country. His bright eyes and big smile always seemed to light the room. But it was his attitude that touched the hearts of many.

In the days leading up to his death, Trey went to Facebook. He wrote about prayer and Heaven.

Trey was 13-and-a-half years old.

The family needs help paying for memorial arrangements for Trey. If you would like to help, contribute at this link.

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