SAN ANTONIO Before Game 5 with the Spurs, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talked about the long-term effects of the lifetime suspension of Clippers owner Donald Sterling over racially-charged remarks that emerged over the weekend.

'It's changed everything for everybody for the foreseeable future,' Cuban said. 'If you just completely put aside the NBA, everybody's life has been changed. Everybody. We've seen a guy who runs a technology company get fired [Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich] because of his religious beliefs. The world has changed.'

Cuban would not say how he would vote if and when the owners are asked to remove Sterling as the Clippers' owner.

'I'm not disagreeing that he shouldn't have been fired, right, but his business would have gone to hell in a hand basket,' Cuban said. 'The world has changed, and everybody better realize it. You don't have privacy. I think [Sun Microsystems CEO] Scott McNealy said, 'Privacy is an illusion.' Now you know the consequences of lacking privacy.'

Cuban talked about this year's playoffs and the games played so far. Dallas, as an eight seed, has tied the Spurs after four games. The Pacers, top seed in the east, trails eight-seeded Atlanta 3-2.

'Regardless of who advances and who doesn't, nobody strikes fear in the heart of anybody,' Cuban said. 'I don't think there is any team that doesn't think they can win the whole thing.'


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