It was San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro vs. State Sen. Dan Patrick on immigration. Now that the dust has settled, who really won their televised debate?

Plus: A new problem for Texas Democrats. Weeks after Wendy Davis' campaign picks up momentum, why aren't her poll numbers moving as well?

And Gov. Rick Perry is lawyering up as a grand jury investigates whether a veto broke the law. Does it impact his chances for the White House?

There's plenty of political news to digest this holiday weekend. That's why we called in two pros (and regular guests of this program), the men behind Must Read Texas. Matt Mackowiak is a Republican political consultant and Jason Stanford is a Democratic political consultant. Joining Inside Texas politics host Jason Whitely in the questioning is Bud Kennedy, a columnist with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a WFAA media partner.

Now another perspective on the week in Texas politics from Ross Ramsey, executive editor of WFAA media partner The Texas Tribune. David Dewhurst's new ads go after Dan Patrick's bankruptcy again. This didn't seem to hurt Patrick during the Republican lieutenant governor primary; why does Dewhurst think it will during the runoff? Ramsey also discusses the lawsuit Gov. Perry is facing after vetoing funds for a unit that investigates public corruption in Travis County.

Wendy Davis spent the last couple of weeks pushing her pre-K education plan, but Chris Krok from WBAP 820 AM pushes back against her proposal and puts the responsibility back on parents.

A criminal grand jury is taking a closer look at Gov. Rick Perry. Did he violate law with a veto? Victor Vital is a white collar criminal defense attorney who has tried more than 100 of these cases. He explains how the Perry investigation will play out.

Now time for Flashpoint. From the right, Mark Davis with 660 AM The Answer; and from the left, author and producer Katie Sherrod.

We put the week's political headlines in perspective on Reporters Roundtable with Jason Whitely, Bud Kennedy and Ross Ramsey. A poll shows Wendy Davis isn't moving the dial much with voters in her bid to be the next Texas governor. She still trails Republican Greg Abbott by double digits, despite aggressively stepping up her communications. What do Democrats need to do? And San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro seemed to have State Sen. Dan Patrick on the defense most of the hour during their immigration debate last week. Did this help or hurt Patrick's bid to win the GOP lieutenant governor runoff election five weeks from now?


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