A federal appeals court upholds Texas' tough new abortion restrictions. Is this bad news for Wendy Davis' gubernatorial campaign? The new Dallas plastic bag ban: Is it really legal? Plus after the president and the pope, Flashpoint focuses on Scripture this week.

First, host Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy sit down with front-runners in two Republican runoffs.

Linda Koop is a familiar face in North Texas politics. The former Dallas City Council member is facing incumbent Rep. Stefani Carter in the Republican race for State House District 102 which covers North Dallas, Richardson, Addison and Garland. Carter did not respond to our invitation to join the conversation.

Morgan Meyer is the front-runner in another Republican runoff for the state legislature, House District 108. Dan Branch's old seat covers downtown, East Dallas and the Park Cities. Meyer's opponent, Chart Westcott, had a scheduling issue and could not be here today.

You just heard from two candidates hoping to get jobs at the state capitol. Katrina Pierson of the Texas Tea Party is also looking ahead to the next legislative session. She blames both parties for making tax dollars as worthless as Monopoly money.

Every Sunday morning we go to Austin to get context from the Capitol. Evan Smith is editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Texas Tribune, a WFAA media partner. Topics this week include slumping statistics for public education in Texas and the impact of state's tough new abortion restrictions on Wendy Davis' campaign.

Every week on Flashpoint, our contributors take sides on policy and politicians. But this time, they're debating Scripture and theology. From the right, here's Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer and from the left, author and producer Katie Sherrod.

We put the week's political headlines in perspective on Reporters Roundtable. Evan, Bud and Jason discuss equal pay; the new Dallas plastic bag ban; and the possibility of a high-speed passenger rail network speeding travel across Texas.


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