Gloria Campos, you know. Her husband, Lance Brown, you may not...

He, too, worked in television under the name Lance 'Edwards.' On the day Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, he arrived from Missouri to cover sports in the Rio Grande Valley, where Gloria was working.

He had no idea his future wife was hiding in plain sight. So close, in fact, he could have reached out and touched her -- she sat next to him on the news set.

It was all bit of culture shock for the young man from St. Louis who had never seen anything quite like South Texas.

'There were no Garcias, Gonzalezes, and Lopezes [in St. Louis,]' he said, 'and so having to learn all the names was difficult.'

Nevertheless, it didn't take much time for Lance to glance at who was sitting next to him.

'First off, she was gorgeous,' Lance said. 'I just thought she was drop-dead gorgeous.'

However, he said there was a big problem.

'She was dating somebody else at the time, and how and where that changed, I don't know, but we just -- I guess there was a lot of flirting between us and one thing led to the other, and it was 'bye' to the other guy and 'Come on Lance!'' he said.

That spark between them grew to a flame, and the flame to a blaze that Gloria had no intention of dousing.

'Gloria kept giving me little hints -- y'know, 'All of my friends are getting married!'' Lance said.

He quickly got the hint and popped the question.

'On the wedding day - Oh, we had planned it for so long...' He quickly corrected himself. 'No, she had planned it for so long. And we had this big, huge reception with the padrinos and the mariachis.'

They came to North Texas in 1984, but had no idea they would be here 30 years.

'We thought we'd get Dallas on our resumes,' Lance said. '[We] came from a small market, and 'Oh my, we're in a top ten market!' So we'd stay here two years, pay some dues, and hopefully get a job in, I don't know, Phoenix or San Antonio or San Diego.'

However, Gloria's career at Channel 8 took off, so when the family expanded with twins Greg and Tony, Lance slowed his career.

'I wasn't going to be the next guy at NBC or something like that, so it was easy for me to step back and say 'OK, I'll take care of the kids.' And I was at a point in my life when I could accept that, where were maybe 15 years earlier, I couldn't.'

Raising twins in the public spotlight isn't the easiest of challenges, but somehow Gloria and Lance made it happen with (Lance is proud to say) very little impact on the boys' family life.

Now they are just well-adjusted young men.

'I don't think it really goes into their mind so much as she's just Mom, she's not Gloria Campos!' he said.

That's not to say they didn't hear the odd, improper comment directed at Mom.

'99 percent of the people are great, but one percent will come up and say, 'You look so much fatter on camera,'' Lance said.

Now with Gloria stepping from the spotlight, and both boys in college, Lance looks forward to the next phase of their lives... No matter what it brings.


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