DALLAS -- 'Why do these things have to happen, you know?' James Pacheco asked.

They're the questions we don't have answers to that always seem to be the hardest.

'How do you think that poor kid felt in the few minutes it happened?'

They're the questions that now haunt Pacheco, as he grapples with the murder of his son, Randy. The 23-year-old Dallas native was the manager of the Red Wing Shoe store in Arlington until Tuesday, when police say a man walked in, robbed him, then shot him dead.

'Whoever did it, you know, I hope he's happy,' the father said. 'I hope he can live with himself.'

There is a memorial growing outside the store where Randy was killed. At the same time, the efforts to find his killer grow, too.

'I'm hoping someone will recognize him, that someone will see the way he moves and he stands,' says Sgt. Jeffrey Houston of the Arlington police.

APD released surveillance video showing the killer, and now, police say Red Wing Shoe Company is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the suspect.

Pacheco believes police will catch the killer, and he hopes that happens soon.

'My son's not going to come back. But at least it'll keep someone else from getting killed,' he said.

Until then, he'll keep asking those painful questions that nobody can answer.


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