FORT WORTH Call it a sign of the times... literally.

It's a sign above American Health Underwriters at 830 Taylor Street that says: 'Obamacare Enroll Here.'

The health insurance marketing company has been at this location in downtown Fort Worth for 30 years, but owner Jim Cashion says they've never really had a sign until now.

'You have to do it big to survive,' he said.

And big it is. It's a $7,000 sign, letting people know they can come here to get health insurance. It's unconventional, that's for sure.

But Cashion is hoping to cash in on the insurance boom created by the Affordable Care Act and to help people along the way by signing them up for free. The insurance companies then pay the agents a percentage of each new account.

'[Consumers] pay no fees to do this,' Cashion said. 'The carriers take care of us for our services.'

The office is not a government agency, nor is it government-sanctioned.

Charles Course was one of the first people Monday to stop in and take advantage. He said had it not been for the sign, he wouldn't have signed up.

Other passersby are still trying to figure out what to make of it all, but Cashion said he feels good about what he's doing; signing people up with the help of his sign.


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