Update, as first reported here: A police report details how Dallas firefighter William Tanksley died on Monday night. He was standing near an accident on 6300 Patriot Parkway, which is the bridge over Interstate 20. It was iced over and a driver heading south on the bridge lost traction on the ice 'as a result of unsafe speed.'

The vehicle, a four-door 2009 maroon Dodge, struck another vehicle and then careened into Tanksley, knocking him 56 feet onto the eastbound Interstate 20 ramp below. He died on the freeway, the report says.

Original article:

DALLAS A firefighter was fatally injured Monday night after either falling or being being knocked from an icy overpass by a vehicle in Southwest Dallas.

Dallas Fire-Rescue confirmed firefighter William Tanksley, a 14-year veteran of the department, died of his injuries. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

According to initial information, Tanksley, 40, was working at the scene of an accident at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Spur 408 when he tumbled to the pavement below. There were reports the firefighter may have been hit by a vehicle.

Emergency vehicles had a difficult time reaching the scene because icy conditions were slowing traffic, and a helicopter ambulance was not an option due to the unfavorable weather.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief Louie Bright said Tanksley was doing his job as they do every day.

'As always, the department is going to wrap our arms around his family, and our own fire department family,' Chief Bright said.

Tanksley was taken by ground ambulance to Dallas Methodist Medical Center for treatment, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

'We have a resilient group of men and women that work for us, and we are going to pull together, and get through this incident, and keep moving forward,' Chief Bright said.

WFAA's Rebecca Lopez and Tanya Eiserer contributed to this report.


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