JACKSBORO The race to return natural gas service to hundreds of homes and businesses in Jack County continued on Sunday.

Texas Gas Service cut off an estimated 1,100 customers on Thursday morning after fluids entered a pipeline feeding the Jacksboro area, 60 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

There were hopes that service could be restored by Saturday, but the outage continued for many on Sunday as temperatures in the area again plunged into the 30s.

Texas Gas said it had reconnected close to 800 customers by Sunday evening, but acknowledged the process was slowed by going house-to-house.

'The process to restore service has been complicated by the fluids that entered our system requiring many meters to be changed and extending the time necessary to safely restore service,' the company said in a statement.

Some residents like Jimmy Michaels, who lives along North 9th Street, were dismayed it was taking so long.

'I got a daughter, son and a wife here, and I'm trying to keep them warm,' he said.

Michaels said he stopped using firewood on Sunday during the day, fearing he might run out if he still needed it on Monday and Tuesday.

Workers who are restoring service will be wearing identifying yellow safety vests that say 'Texas Gas Service' or 'Oklahoma Natural Gas Service.'

Close to 60 commercial customers remained shut off on Sunday night, as did at least 200 others.

The gas company was hoping to have those restored early in the week.


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