It's been almost year since highly-decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was killed by a fellow veteran he was trying to help.

Now the Chris Kyle Gym is opening in the Texas Hill Country to serve the veterans Kyle was so passionate about helping.

When Kyle was killed on Feb. 2, 2013, his funeral become international news as thousands stepped forward to say goodbye to the most-decorated sniper in American military history.

'He was definitely a huge pillar in my life,' said Jeff Kyle, an eight-year Marine veteran and Chris Kyle's brother.

He is pleased that enough donations could be raised to open the Chris Kyle Memorial Gym in Junction, Texas.

Before he died, Kyle was involved in a project to help veterans work through post-traumatic stress through fitness.

'I don't think we'll ever catch up to what our veterans need,' Jeff Kyle said.

Looking back, almost a year after Chris Kyle's death, Jeff said Chris shouldn't be remembered for how many people he killed as a sniper, but how many lives he protected doing his job.

'What bothered him the most is he didn't know how many people he saved. That was the hardest part for him getting out,' Jeff Kyle said.

In honor of his brother's death, this Sunday Jeff hopes people will simply do a good for someone he needs one.


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