GRAPEVINE -- Grapevine Faith has a new coach, and that new coach has brought a new style of play.

'We just see if [our opponent] can handle the speed and we've said before, if they can, we'll tip our hat and try to win,' said Matt Sayman, who was an assistant at McKinney before coming to Grapevine. 'If they can't, then normally we see ourselves being able to pull away.'

This team runs and guns and shoots three-pointers unlike anyone else. According to MaxPreps, a national high school website, the Lions have made more three pointers than any other team in the country.

Senior guard Kyle Carter has made more three-pointers than anyone in the Dallas-area -- 95 in 28 games. Carter said the team averages 35-to-50 three-point attempts per contest.

'Last game, we got 50 three-pointers up,' said Dalton Standish, a senior guard who has made 76 three's. 'I shot 14, got eight of them.'

'It's been awesome. I've never done anything like this' said senior guard Zach Postema, who has made 83 three's, including 10 on Tuesday when he scored 40 in a 108-88 win over Fort Worth Christian. 'I've never done anything like this. It was kind of bad at the beginning with all the running and conditioning, but now the games are easy.'

Making three-pointers is fun. Running is not, but that's where it all starts.

They used to be called 'suicides,' and anyone who played high school basketball years ago knows what they are: players run from baseline to the free throw line and back, then to half court and back, progressively until they run the entire court and back.

Coach Sayman has his players run twenty of them in 20 minutes.

'We started it back in October, and I had a couple people almost in tears and a bunch of guys who were dying,' Sayman said. 'We've done this every Wednesday and sometimes twice a week on Saturdays, too. And now it's to the point where they're not only finishing easy, they're laughing during it.

'So it almost makes me angry -- like I have to think of a way to make it harder,' he joked.

As the team's conditioning improved, so has their performance. In their latest game, it paid off the most, when they made 25-of-50 three-pointers.

'It's a whole lot of fun,' said Carter, who leads the Lions in scoring with 20.4 points per game. 'He gives us the green light to shoot for some of us; we can shoot from wherever, whenever. It's awesome.'

And it's been a winning formula. The Lions have a 19-9 record and are undefeated in district.


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