It's been interesting to watch the reaction to former defense secretary Robert Gates' new book. It just came out, and he's already got some new enemies.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

I'm an admirer of Robert Gates.

I've never met him, but he always appeared to be one of the few people in D.C. who put his country before his politics.

He served in administrations of both parties, looked out for his troops and their families, and never tried to take all the credit for something good or point fingers before a scandal.


It's funny; when he was in office with all those high muckety mucks in Washington, we called him 'blunt,' 'no nonsense,' 'tough talking,' and loved him for it.

Now that he's back among the great unwashed, the ink on his book still wet, we're hearing he has a 'big mouth,' 'spoke too soon,' or is 'disloyal.'

I'll bet most of the people making those claims haven't even read the 600-page book. They just heard about those juicy parts and started reacting.

I'm not going to tell you Robert Gates is perfect -- I'm sure he's not. But we should at least take a few days to read what he said, before deciding we don't like how he said it.

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