[EDITOR'S NOTE: This story originally identified Toshia Edmonson as a single mother of two. She actually has four children. We apologize for the error.]

DALLAS -- A girl was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after stabbing a relative nine times at a Dallas apartment.

Police have not released the relationship between the girl and the victim, but family friends tell News 8 it was the girl's mother.

According to the Dallas police report, the girl, whose identity was not released because she is a minor, was dropped off at an apartment in the 5100 block of Village Fair Dr. near I-35E and Overton Rd. at 11:45 p.m. Friday and she was upset that she had to be home. She told police her mother, Toshia Edmonson, told the girl she was giving her away and shoved her into a couch.

The girl waited for her mother to fall asleep, then went to the kitchen, got a knife, went into the bedroom where Edmonson was sleeping, and stabbed the woman nine times in the head, neck, and shoulder. According to the report, the girl's younger brother, who was also in the apartment, said his mother woke up screaming for his sister to stop and calling out her name. Edmonson, a single mother, eventually was able to grab the knife and fell on top of the girl to stop the attack.

The brother came into the hallway after hearing the screams and saw both the girl and her mother covered in blood and ran into the breezeway crying, where two other people came out to the screams and found the boy. One of those people entered the apartment where the girl was calling for help, then went into the bedroom and found the woman covered in blood, before calling 911.

The girl told police she stabbed Edmonson because she was 'so, so angry and frustrated with her.' The girl was taken to the Henry Wade Juvenile Center.

Family friend Ben Ferrell said the girl didn't seem like herself immediately following the attack.

'Before the police had left, [the daughter] was halfway back to herself, crying for her mother,' he said.

Ferrell described the girl as quiet and smart.

'This is just totally out-of-character for [Edmonson's] daughter,' he said.

The mother was transported to Central Methodist Hospital. She was stable and talking as of Saturday afternoon.

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