ALLEN -- The Allen Eagles are on the cusp of their second consecutive state championship.

They've won 26 games in a row, and there's little reason to think they won't get 27 Saturday against Pearland.

Coppell is that last team to beat the Eagles, an overtime win in September 2012. That's the game in which Kyler Murray took over at quarterback in the third quarter and then became the starter, and Allen hasn't lost since.

Coppell Head Coach Joe McBride predicted last year when the playoffs started that Allen would win the 2012 title.

'It was because they've got great numbers and their depth is better than anybody's,' McBride said.

Cedar Hill is playing for a state title in 5A Division II for the second year in a row; they'll play Katy Saturday following Allen's game against Pearland. The Longhorns have one of the best programs in the area, and Allen has beaten them four years in a row.

'That's one thing people don't understand,' said Cedar Hill Head Coach Joey McGuire. 'You see Murray - who's incredible and he's electric - and the running backs. But when you line up front on the offensive and defensive lines, they're going to hit you in the mouth.'

Southlake Carroll has lost to Allen in the season opener this year and last year. In all other games, the Dragons are 23-2.

'Anytime you're going into game preparation, you're looking at strengths and weaknesses of football teams,' said Carroll Head Coach Hal Wasson. 'As you evaluate and study Allen, you realize they have no weaknesses.

'Allen has had a very good football program for a long time -- all that talent and depth and the great coaching staff,' he continued. 'And then you add a player like quarterback Kyler Murray, now you have a dynasty.'

'It's almost like you're playing Johnny Manziel,' McGuire said. 'The down and distance doesn't matter with [Murray]. Because if you cover, then he's going to pull it down and get the yards. It's something he did last week with that last touchdown [against DeSoto].'

'They have the X-factor,' Wasson said. 'Kyler Murray is a guy that can turn a loss into a gain. You can have everyone covered, and he'll beat you with his feet.'

Coppell's coach was quick to remind us that Murray is a very good passer, too.

'They've got a great front, so they protect really well,' McBride said. 'So you can see how calm Kyler is. He sits back there, he goes through a progression. He's not a one-look guy.'

A win Saturday will give the Eagles two state championships in a row. And Kyler Murray is only a junior.


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