Not many athletes can set a national record twice in the same season.

'It's really cool,' said Aledo High School kicker Chance Nevarez. 'It's been a crazy year, for sure. It's been a really crazy year.'

Nevarez holds the national high school record for consecutive extra points made.

He thought he broke the record in October. The media coverage he received made Southlake Carroll head coach Hal Wasson wonder about his own kicker, Drew Brown, who hadn't missed a kick, either.

After counting them up, Wasson realized that Brown actually held the record. Wasson saw Aledo coach Tim Buchanan at an event soon after.

''Tim,'' Wasson remembers saying, ''The good news is, your kicker just set the state record. The bad news is, I think ours, Drew, has more extra points than you.''

Buchanan then told his kicker the news.

'And he goes, 'What?'' said Buchanan, recalling that conversation. 'I said, 'Good news is, you get another chance to set a state and national record.' Which he did.'

The funny thing was, Brown himself didn't know he owned the record until he finally missed one.

Wasson and Brown's dad decided not to tell him about the record until the season ended... or he missed one. When Brown missed a kick after his holder failed to get the ball on the tee, his dad told him the news.

'I was like, 'Well, that stinks,'' Brown said.

Brown's record stood at 172 until last weekend, when Nevarez kicked 10 extra points, moving to 177.

'I'm just thankful I have such a great team that scores a lot,' Nevarez said.

Let's call this the year of the kicker. The same weekend Nevarez was setting his national record, Cole Hedlund was setting a national record for field goals made in a career.

'I'm just glad to see all my hard work that I've put in over the last couple years is finally paying off,' he said.

Hedlund has 51 field goals and counting, a record he's hoping to hold for more than just a few weeks.


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