GRAND PRAIRIE A Dallas police senior corporal arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia was caught after the department sent out an alert searching for a missing squad car.

On early Monday morning, Dallas officers in the department's Northeast Patrol Division noticed a cruiser was missing. Multiple law enforcement sources say they suspected Sr. Cpl. James Wallace drove it off the lot.

Dallas police asked neighboring agencies to be on the lookout for the vehicle. Police in Grand Prairie, where Wallace resides, located the crxuiser in the 1700 block of N. Highway 161 just after midnight on Monday morning.

Wallace was pulled over and taken into custody after police searched the patrol cruiser and found a crack pipe.

Neighbors said they didn't notice any suspicious behavior indicating he was using drugs.

'That's hard to believe because I know he's very dedicated,' said neighbor Kent Bless.

However, neighbors say they noticed Dallas police squad cars showing up at Wallace's home in recent weeks. They say they even saw 2 squad cars at a time and sometimes the cars were parked at his home overnight, which against department policy.

DPD's general orders bar patrol officers from driving their marked squad cars home unless they have permission.

A woman answered the door at Wallace's home but declined to comment, hurriedly closing the door and saying she did not know anything about an arrest.

Wallace, a 10-year veteran, was not supposed to be driving a squad car because of an accident. Multiple sources inside the department says Wallace was already under investigation for being late or missing work.


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