FORT WORTH Nearly 100 members of the Cambodian Baptist Church in Fort Worth spent Sunday in prayer and celebration, despite an accident last week that left more than $30,000 in damages.

On Wednesday morning, a GMC Yukon truck plowed through the sanctuary, leaving a huge hole in the side of the church that's been boarded pending repairs.

Tire marks still line the carpet where the truck ended up.

Fire crews initially said the driver likely suffered a seizure.

As word of the incident spread, Pastor Chhoeun Chhorn said there has been an overwhelming show of support.

'It really is something,' he said. 'We are just so thankful that no one was seriously hurt.'

An elderly caretaker who would have been in the truck's path had left just moments before the crash for a donut run.

On Sunday, the message was about 'survival,' according to Chhorn.

Families that hadn't stopped by in years like the Whitburns from Garland said after seeing coverage of the accident, they felt it important to attend the service and let the congregation know they aren't alone.

'It could have been so much worse,' Bill Whitburn said.

Insurance is expected to cover repairs for most of the damage, although Chhorn said other churches have reached out to them and offered help.

There is no timetable for how long repairs may take.


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