KELLER A Keller youth football organization says it will stop giving out 'participation' trophies, but not all parents are on board with that decision.

On its Facebook page, the Keller Youth Association stated:

'Giving participation medals or trophies isn't sending our children the right message. Trophies are something you should strive for and earn. Life does not give you a participation job or medal, life makes you earn everything you get.'

Supporters of that policy agree, arguing that most kids understand if they work hard, they accomplished something.

But some parents like Hugh Whittington feel that for young children involved in sports, the champions shouldn't be the only ones who are recognized.

'It is very rewarding for them after a season to go out there and have a ceremony and receive a trophy,' Whittington said. 'They put their trophy on their dresser at home, it is a sense of pride.'

The Keller Youth Association acknowledges that not everyone will agree with the policy shift, but this is how they want their program to move forward.

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