DALLAS -- Four years really isn't that long, but it can feel like a lifetime when you're in college.

Especially if you've never beaten Oklahoma.

'I know we didn't do very well last year, but I feel like we got a bunch of new guys,' said sophomore Texas student Katherine Cruz. 'We got a new defensive coordinator. I think we'll do pretty well. We'll do a lot better than last year, for sure.'

'It's a game we haven't won in the past three years,' said Texas senior defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat. 'So we're a little pissed off.'

The Longhorns haven't won this rivalry game since 2009, and the last two years have been blowouts.

'Last year's game has nothing to do with this year's team,' said head coach Mack Brown at Monday's press conference.

Not yet, but it could.

Oklahoma is favored by two touchdowns, and another big loss to the Sooners would lump this one with the last two.

'We're both supposed to come in evenly-matched. We both have heavily-recruited guys on our team,' said Texas defensive end Cedric Reed. 'Thing about it is, they haven't been good games. They've been blowouts.'

'The type of rivalry game this is, it never should be the way it's been the last two years,' said Texas cornerback Quandre Diggs. 'You gotta look yourself in the mirror and step up to your failures and be able to go out and turn it into something positive this year.'

One of the big reasons why a lot of guys go to Austin to play football is so they can play a football game in Dallas. And now there's the possibility that some will finish their careers without ever beating Oklahoma.

'This is a game that I thought about before I signed my name on the line and started wearing the burnt orange,' said Texas senior guard Mason Walters. 'I can tell you there's no words for the feeling of walking off the field and seeing the other team put up the golden hat.'

'We feel like we've not only let ourselves down, but we've let our university down. We've let our coaches down,' said Case McCoy, the senior quarterback who will start against the Sooners in place of the injured David Ash. 'Luckily, we get four years at it.'

This rivalry started in 1900, and there have been four times when Oklahoma has beaten Texas at least four years in a row -- enough to span a college career.

It's three and counting, and for the seniors on this Longhorn team, they hope the fourth time can be a charm.


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