WEATHERFORD Angela Thomas was surprised to learn this week that her daughter had a long-running Facebook conversation with 39-year-old youth sports photographer Dax Morgan.

She read one message sent by Morgan last year to Thomas's then 14 year old daughter.

''You looked gorgeous last night,'' she read with disgust. ''Just like your boobs were about to pop out.' With an exclamation point.'

Thomas didn't know about her child's Facebook messaging with Morgan until several days after Parker County Sheriff's Office investigators arrested him for indecency with a child involving a 16-year-old girl.

According to an affidavit, Morgan invited the student to his home for a photo shoot, convinced her to pose undressed, and touched her inappropriately.

The affidavit said Morgan admitted to taking one topless picture.

He is best known for shooting Weatherford High School sporting events, and has been a fixture on the sidelines for several years.

'I was glad he finally got arrested,' Thomas said. 'But I wasn't surprised.'

Thomas and another mom, Angela Breland, said they complained to Weatherford ISD officials and police last year after Morgan allegedly made suggestive comments to their cheerleader daughters.

Breland said Morgan told her daughter, 'She should really work on her tan lines on her boobs, because it was very obvious in photos.'

She said Morgan also called 9th grade cheerleaders wearing boots a 'turn-on.'

Angela Thomas said one remark to her daughter was unprintable. 'I'd rather not say what he said, because it was that vulgar.'

The parents said police investigated, but couldn't file a case against Morgan. The moms expected school officials to ban the freelance photographer.

Instead, Angela Thomas said she was shocked by the response from an administrator.

'His response to me was and I'm quoting 'Well, that's just how guys are,'' she said. Thomas did not know the administrator's name or position.

The adults said at least four parents complained about Morgan. Weatherford ISD told News 8 it received three complaints, investigated all of them with the evidence available, and took the 'precautionary measure of limiting Mr. Morgan's access to certain areas of sporting venues last year. The alleged conduct of Mr. Morgan is outrageous and reprehensible.'

Dax Morgan's alleged victim told investigators she met him on the sidelines at a football game.

'I blame the school,' said Breland.

'I do, too,' Thomas added. 'Because they had every red flag.'

Dax Morgan was released from jail on $25,000 bond, but was immediately re-arrested for violating conditions of his release by contacting a teenage girl.

He's now out again on $50,000 bond and is wearing an ankle monitor to keep track of his movements.

Investigators are scouring Morgan's cameras and computers. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said he has reason to believe at least one more case will be filed.

Fowler urged anyone with information to contact his office.


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