A Mesquite resident is Dallas County's ninth victim of the West Nile virus this year.

Pamela Smith, spokeswoman for county's Health and Human Services Department, says the man was diagnosed with the neuroinvasive form of the virus, the most severe form. The victim is a male older than 30. The department would not release other specifics, citing privacy concerns.

The victim lives in the 75149 ZIP code, an area of Mesquite split by LBJ Freeway with U.S. 80 as its northernmost border.

The neuroinvasive form affects fewer than 1 percent of infected victims, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Symptoms include headache, high fever, stiff neck, disorientation, coma, tremors, seizures or paralysis. Recovery can take several weeks and there is a chance the neurologic effects could be permanent, the CDC says.

Mosquitoes are likely to be in the air until North Texas sees its first freeze. Until then, use insect repellant containing the chemical DEET; dress in long sleeves and long pants, especially during dawn and dusk; and drain any standing water, which can serve as mosquito breeding grounds..

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