Every day, drivers are still being improperly charged by DFW International Airport's new automated parking system.

One North Texan paid triple, and asked airport officials what they plan to do about it.

On September 11, Selso Alcala dropped someone off at the airport and left. The new high tech parking system scanned his Toll Tag entering DFW property but not leaving it.

So when Alcala returned to DFW a few days later, the two-week old system thought he had parked there for six straight days instead of three.

'It was a big red flag,' said Alcala. 'Obviously, $108 for three days of parking didn't add up.'

The airport was receiving hundreds of complaints a day from customers like Alcala, who claim they were overcharged.

'We're sorry about that, and we're offering refunds as quickly as we can get to them,' said DFW spokesman David Magana.

He said of the 40,000 cars and trucks that come in and out of the airport every day, only one percent were having problems. The new $56 million parking system was designed to create more lanes and reduce wait times entering and exiting the airport.

Magana said some of those problems can be attributed to customer error. 'They pull up too far; they don't pull up far enough. And then they start to back out, and the system says, 'let me start over.''

After a few frustrating phone calls, Alcala said he was promised a $53 refund. Airport officials told us the reader system has been reprogrammed to zero out any Toll Tag coming into the airport, when the system believes it is already parked there.

Airport officials say even with the glitches in the new system, they're still experiencing fewer problems than with the old one. They say while it may never be perfect, they've got the Toll Tag reader problems down to 10 a day.


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