PLANO -- If only there was a tollway for the line outside the North Texas Tollway Authority office Friday night.

Hundreds of people waited outside the doors for a good part of the day. Wait times ranged from one hour to six hours.

'I don't want to worry about owing anyone,' Frederick Randolph said.

They've all either accidentally or intentionally not paid to use North Texas Tollways. Before Thursday, there were close to 80,000 habitual violators who had unpaid tolls and fines, which amounted to $53 million.

'The group you see here today chose the 90th day -- right up against the deadline,' said Michael Rey of the NTTA, a private entity.

The legislature granted the NTTA a three-month amnesty window to get people caught up on dues.

'Nobody wants to give away their money until they have to,' said Frank Peters, who owed $9,000.

'We're relieved,' said Jessica Adams and Francisco Duran, who owed close to $30,000. 'Especially when they say you can't register your car,' Adams said.

In return for granting amnesty, the legislature granted toll authorities the power to block vehicle registrations; a process often done at county offices.

Dallas and Denton Counties have agreed to block vehicle registrations if you're still on the list past Friday night. Tarrant County has met with NTTA to finalize the deal. Collin County has yet to recognize the registration holds.

'I don't think anyone is going to see vehicles banned or blocked on Monday,' Rey said. 'But it will be coming pretty soon... later in the fall for sure.'

Doors closed at NTTA offices at 9 p.m. Friday night. For those people arriving late or people who made a good-faith effort to stand in line, they received pink vouchers. That voucher allows them time through Wednesday to pay up.

Others can still pay online or by phone until midnight Friday.


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