The wife of outspoken rocker Ted Nugent could face a fine for carrying a gun in a bag at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

D/FW Airport's Department of Public Safety confirmed Shemane Nugent was arrested for carrying a weapon in a prohibited area at the airport holding facility Thursday and released.

Sources told ABC News the .38 revolver was discovered when her carry-on was X-rayed at security.

The a security officer asked if there were any weapons in the bag they should be aware of, Mrs. Nugent replied, "I know what the problem is. I forgot the gun was in the bag."

The loaded pistol was in a black soft case, which contained 10 more rounds of .38-caliber ammunition.

Shemane Nugent told the officer she has received death threats and carries the weapon for protection.

It's unclear if Mr. Nugent was with her.

She was carrying her concealed handgun license. Permitted guns are supposed to be in checked bags.

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