DALLAS As the spotlight turns to Dallas for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, volunteers are hoping to paint Dallas in a new light.

Karen Blessing, founder of the nonprofit group 29 Pieces wants the world to see love, not hate.

"We want to change this perception that Dallas is a city of hate and to really show in a very dramatic way that love thrives here," she said.

The Dallas Love Project will be installing art all along the route that President Kennedy in the final minutes of his life.

"We would like to have 20 to 50,000 pieces of art visible from the street, so when people walk or drive they'll see this art," Blessing said. "Messages from children, professional artists, non-professional... all about love."

On Saturday, volunteers will walk the route JFK took that November day block-by-block to ask every business to participate, whether it's making or displaying art.

"I think people are willing and waiting to express all the love that they feel."


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