DALLAS -- A Facebook page called Oak Cliff Dallas TexasFights is urging people to upload their own fight videos.

The page was created just a few days ago, and already has close to 57,000 likes on the social media site.

A concerned viewer told News 8 they are worried that not only is Oak Cliff's image is taking a hit, but that the page is encouraging violent behavior.

Created on July 7, the page's anonymous administrator encourages people to post more videos.

News 8 showed the page and some of the videos to District 4 City Councilman Dwaine Caraway, who said it is disturbing. Oak Cliff is a part of the district he represents.

"It's a criminal matter," Caraway said. "You could injure people for life. These kids are not fighting with boxing gloves."

Caraway said it was also disappointing, since it singles out just one area of the city, which has worked so hard to repair its image.

That's the disappointing part, because people come from everywhere and the fights happened to have taken place in Oak Cliff, but where are these people necessarily from? he said. Oak Cliff is a very safe place."

Most of the people in the videos are Latino, with many of the online comments in Spanish.

News 8 asked LULAC District 3 director Rene Martinez to take a look.

"I think it s very disturbing, and I think it s got to be investigated," Martinez said.

He said he is more concerned about the irresponsible media usage by minors on the page than the ethnic backgrounds of those depicted in the videos.

"It's become viral and it's become a feeding frenzy of people doing that, and unfortunately, there is some semblance of a culture that feeds to that, Martinez said. I don't think its reflecting of one ethnic group or social group."

Martinez also said he wonders if the page and uploading videos is for profit.

Both Caraway and Martinez have reported the page to Dallas Police.

Because teenagers are involved and it appears that some of the fights were at or near schools, News 8 contacted Dallas ISD Police.

A DISD spokesperson said they were aware of at least one of the videos, and that it was more than a year old. However, even if DISD Police could prove they are district students, officers can t monitor students off campus.

At this time, the creator of the page has not responded to messages sent by News 8. So far, there has been no indication that the page will come down anytime soon.


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