DALLAS The seats to the fireworks show at Fair Park came at a premium Thursday night:Only the first 10,000 people who wanted to sit inside the Cotton Bowl got wristbands.

"I mean you got to get here early," said one man who barely missed out on wristbands.

"We're all out of wristbands," said an event organizer at one of the booths. Officials say they ran out by 7:30 p.m. They also say they expected to run out because of the high demand and the few number of seats.

"I wish there was a sign that said get your wristbands here," said Laura Gold, who was too late for a wristband.

But something didn't think a seat inside the Cotton Bowl was worth it.

"I'm sitting right here and it's the perfect view," said Sandi Clark who arrived at 4 p.m. for her spot under a tree.

Organizers say only about 10,000 seats in the 90,000 capacity Cotton Bowl were available because of construction there.


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