IRVING -- Police arrested four men Tuesday in a marijuana bust worth $1.6 million.

The Irving Police Special Investigations Section seized 1,686 pounds of marijuana found in the back of a U-Haul van in cardboard boxes also containing powder cement.

Investigators received an anonymous tip the marijuana was in a moving van within the Irving city limits. They located the van in the parking lot of a closed business on Irving Boulevard.

While officers were conducting surveillance on the truck, a man got into the van and drove away. Officers followed the vehicle before stopping it for a traffic violation. During that stop, a K-9 unit signaled there were narcotics in the truck.

Officers searched the cargo area of the truck, where they found over 100 boxes of marijuana, with a street value of $1.6 million.

Police arrested Laurencio Hernandez Jr., 44, Juan Luis Rangel, 36, Jose Alberto Flores, 25, and Oscar Hernandez, 21. Each of the four was charged with possession of marijuana under 2,000 pounds, according to an Irving police news release.

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