A Harlandale ISD trustee has been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

San Antonio police confirm that Athony Alcoser got the DWI charge April 24 during Fiesta.

A district spokesperson said the district was not aware of the current charges and that Alcoser is not required to inform the district of any incidents that occur in his personal life.

KENS 5 has contacted friends of Alcoser, but neither they nor he will comment.

In the meantime, some parents are forgiving, while others said he should set a better example for their children.

During a KENS 5 live report April 24 at La Villita during NIOSA, Alcoser was seen celebrating with friends. But later that night, SAPD said an officer pulled Alcoser over and charged him with DWI.

Alcoser is 31 years old and was elected to the Harlandale Board of Trustees in 2006. He became the youngest member to serve as president. He has also blanced that responsiblity with overseeing the San Antonio A&M Annual Fund for the Department of Instituitonal Advancement.

"I don't think it's a good example," said Chris Montez, a concerned parent at Harlandale ISD.

On April 24, police said Acloser was pulled over in the 600 block of West Commerce. He was behind the wheel of a 2013 black Chevy Tahoe when he didn't go when the light turned green. Police said he also changed lanes without signaling.

According to the police report, officers said after they pulled him over they "could smell a heavy odor of alcohol."

The report also said that Alcoser told police that "he was just really tired" and had "been working all day." The report also reads that Alcoser told police that he "had a few drinks with dinner but that was way earlier."

Some parents have Alcoser's back and feel he should not be judged.

"We all make mistakes," said Martha Ramos, the aunt of a student at Harlandale ISD. "Whoever is bigger here to decide, let them decide."

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