KAUFMAN The $200,000 reward money organized through the Kaufman County's Crime Stoppers program for information leading to an arrest in the killings of Mike and Cynthia McLelland isn't high enough, according to a spokesperson for some family members.

Chris Heisler said Saturday afternoon at a news conference that the amount was "insignificant," and that the fund needs a big boost if authorities really want to get a break in the case.

"We need that to be raised," he said. Heisler added he was speaking on behalf of Cynthia McLelland's side of the family.

Tassi Gamble, who is the president of the Crime Stoppers board, said everyone is doing their best to solicit more donations and get the amount up.

But she said given that a lot of businesses and citizens already donated to Crime Stoppers following the murder of assistant district attorney Mark Hasse in late January, some are tapped out and can't afford to give again.

Gamble said the comments by Heisler were "unexpected," and that she hopes to solicit additional funding in the coming weeks.

Heisler said his group, The Honor Network, has been reaching out to people across the country including other state governors to try and obtain additional donations.

Late Sunday, he said the public could donate toward the reward through and that the money would eventually be funneled into the Kaufman Crime Stoppers fund.


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