Q: I just want to say thank you for airing the Chris Kyle Memorial Service so we can all watch it while we are not able to be at the stadium. Thank you, very much.


Q: Why does ABC have to preempt General Hospital for a funeral for someone I don't even know? I thought that was why we had cable. Why don't you have a sister channel on cable to televise it?

Q: I want to applaud you for your wonderful coverage of Navy Seal Chris Kyle's memorial service today. People can view soap operas and talk shows anytime. WFAA once again distinguished itself as a leader in broadcast journalism and breaking news coverage this afternoon. I would like to suggest that you provide three DVDs of his service to his wife and to each of his children. They may not remember everything clearly about this day. You can help them review the memorial service in the future. It will mean so much more in the days and years to come. I am a former founder and executive director of a center designed specifically to meet the needs of grieving children and their families. We have much to do for children in times of tragedy. Your Gloria and John were superb in their thoughtful and compassionate demeanor during the broadcast. Again, thank you.


Q: Thank you so much for your live and uninterrupted coverage of the Chris Kyle funeral service. It was awesome and we are grateful for the programming.


A: WFAA preempted ABC daytime programming to air the full memorial service of the former Navy SEAL on February 11.

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