SAGINAW Saginaw police Officer Andrew Peterson ended up on the other side of the law January 26. Officers arrested him for public intoxication at the Radisson Hotel on Meacham Boulevard in Forth Worth after a disturbance in the lobby, but he could face additional charges.

I was afraid, said Timothy Woodhouse. It was the first time in a very long time.

Woodhouse was working security the night of the incident. An employee called him because Peterson was reportedly harassing her in the lobby.

Woodhouse said Peterson was more than drunk.

That's when he grabbed me. He got me right here [points to his neck] and put me against the wall," Woodhouse said. "I managed to get out of it the first time, and somehow he got me again."

Woodhouse claimed Peterson was also cursing and yelling racial slurs at him, other employees, and guests at the hotel.

He plans to file charges against the officer.

According to a police report obtained by News 8, officers felt Peterson was a danger to himself or others." The report also states he was not initially cooperating with officers, and refused to answer questions.

The report also mentioned that Peterson kicked the window of the patrol car while "screaming racial slurs and cursing at officers." It states that the verbal attacks against officers and staff continued at the jail.

The fact that he wears a uniform and he obviously he feels the way he does about certain races, that's not good, Woodhouse said. The injustice here is laid on several people and not just me.

Peterson is on paid administrative leave while the Saginaw police internal affairs unit investigates the incident.

Fort Worth police told News 8 a detective will be assigned to the case once they hear from Woodhouse, who has since left his job as a security guard.

News 8 attempted to contact Peterson at the cell number he gave police the night of the incident, but the person who answered told us we had the wrong number.


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