DALLAS - With cold temperatures outside, Wednesday was day three without heat at Lenore K. Hall Elementary and Henderson Elementary in the Dallas Independent School District.

School goes on as district-wide Assessment of Course Performance testing is under way. The district advised students to bundle up and dress in layers. The ACP testing began Tuesday and is scheduled to end Friday.

DISD school board president Lew Blackburn made a visit to Lenore K. Hall Wednesday morning to check out the school's condition after watching a News 8 Daybreak report on the heating problems.

"I decided to come see for myself just so I can have a feel of what is going on in the classrooms," he said.

While he described most of the school as warm, Blackburn said some of the classrooms in the back of the building were "too cool for me."

He said work is under way to fix the problem.

A teacher, who did not want to be identified, said DISD heating issues go beyond Lenore K. Hall and Henderson. The teacher said Casa View Elementary, located in northeast Dallas, had heating issues as well.

While portable heaters were brought into the Casa View classrooms, one source said none were placed in the hallways, gym or cafeteria, where a tarp covers the roof. Wednesday morning, the heat was working at the school.

Meanwhile, Dahlander said there will be temporary heaters at Henderson Elementary.

"Our facilities team is aware of the issues and is working to repair them as quickly as possible," he stated in an e-mail to News 8.


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