AUSTIN USA Today says Lance Armstrong will admit to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, set to take place at his house in Austin on Monday.

Armstrong has adamantly denied doping over the past several years. But after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released lots of evidence showing otherwise late last year, he has lost his sponsors and it even forced him to break ties with Livestrong, the fund-raising organization he founded to fight cancer.

Many Austin cyclists say Armstrong's admission might be be a smart business move, and could get him riding again.

"It allows him to race again; that's the deal I think they were kind of talking about, is that he might be allowed to race if he discloses how he was able to pass the test and everything," said cyclist Andrew Kile.

"Better late than never," added Teresa Moczygenva, another bike enthusiast. "I mean, it's bad that he did it to start with, but at least he'll come clean so to speak."

"Now that he's been dropped from the cycling world, I don't think it will hurt him," rider Nick Noble said. "I believe that this will soften it up, and his admission if he does admit it will bring him back to the cycing world."

Armstrong's expected confession may be limited, and wouldn't completely remove his ban from the sport. However, there is a chance his cooperation would reduce the number of years he is banned from competition.

Oprah's interview with Armstrong will be broadcast on her OWN network this Thursday, and will also be streamed online.

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