ARLINGTON -- A major investigation that's led to the arrest of one Arlington officer, and perhaps the suicide of another, has also left many more feeling betrayed for staining the department's reputation.

One officer is accused of identifying a narcotics cop to a drug suspect. That's a potentially-deadly betrayal, says a former long-time under cover officer.

In my career I've made a lot of enemies, as have other narcotics officers, he said, speaking on condition of anonymity. There's a lot of people out there that would still like to do me some harm.

He spent two decades taking down drug dealers in Fort Worth. For more than a year, he worked deep undercover, infiltrating the murky world of narcotics organizations.

I had a number of times where the individuals would do drug deals with me while they held a gun on me the whole time, he said.

And he recalls life-or-death fights.

The guy was trying to shoot me. We were in a fight over a pistol on the the floor, he said. He fired a shot and he missed me, and he hit another officer.

The wounded officer survived.

He says the claim that Arlington officer Thomas Kantzos outed a narcotics cop to a suspect must send chills through other undercover officers.

And those guys still out there working undercover or doing surveillance work or whatever, how many of them know if they've been betrayed or not? he asks.

Kantzos allegedly passed confidential information to a dealer supplying steroids to Kantzos and other officers. In a video posted on YouTube Friday, Arlington police shared their anger.

We feel - I can't say it enough - we feel betrayed, said Arlington Corporal Jack Gariota.

The former Fort Worth undercover cop says such betrayal would have cost him his life.

So far, Kantzos and Officer David Vo are the only officers arrested in the ongoing federal and state probe. Vo committed suicide after being released on bond. A third officer under investigation has been placed on leave.

This week, APD Chief Will Johnson announced random drug testing for all police employees.


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