FLOWER MOUND Beautiful blonde locks have brought the kid under the curls a lot of attention.

It'snot always positive. Among the names hurled at him: Goldilocks, shaggy dog, ragamuffin, girly girl, long-haired girl and princess.

I either walk away, says Mason Lott, or I tell them I'm a boy and it's OK if they call me a girl because I usually get called girl a lot.

The seven-year-old has been growing his hair since preschool, though he never told his friends why.

Our beliefs are when you boast you lose your blessing, said his mother, Kelly Lott. So he had just kind of kept it to himself.

Until today.

During his school's closed circuit morning broadcast, Mason finally showed classmates what he intended to do with his do.And then he cut his mane off.

Mason's hair is being sent to an organization called Children with Hair Loss.He knows a girl will likely crown her own head with his golden locks.For her, he hopes two things: that she gets well and that it looks really pretty, says Mason.

Mason says he plans to grow his hair long again. But, unlike the biblical story of Sampson, Mason's strength doesn't come from his hair, it comes from his heart.


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