Just in case you forgot, Jason Terry will let his mouth run from time to time, when he feels the situation calls for it.

Terry nearly made you forget about this side of him after last year s glorious playoff run and championship. His clutch performances, highlighted by a 27-point game in Game 6 of the Finals, vindicated him from the unnecessary comments he made in the past and basically gave him a free pass to say what he wanted going forward. Terry made sure to test that mettle last night before a 21-point-beating of a loss in Miami -- to the same Heat Terry played a major role in vanquishing last June.

Before his horrific three point and 1-for-10 shooting night, Terry felt last night was the right time to get into specifics about his impending free agency.

Miami is definitely a title contender, Terry responded to Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports when asked if he would consider joining the Heat this offseason. For sure.

My main goal was to come back and retire a Maverick, Terry continued. After no extension this past offseason, I figure it may be time for me to move on, but you never know. I would love to [continue being] in a Maverick uniform, don't get me wrong, but we'll see what happens. They said they want me back, but you can say all you want, you got to show me. Like Jerry Maguire said, 'Show me the money.'

There s so much wrong with this, it s tough to even decide where to begin dissecting.

Granted, Terry was answering a pointed question that directly asked him if he would consider being on the Heat, but he certainly took that opportunity to stir up the pot with the Mavericks in a personal way. First off, if it really is a goal of Jet s to join the Heat AND be shown the money , then he is very much unaware of Miami s cap situation and positions of need.

There are a few guys named Wade, Bosh and James who take up most of the cap room for the Heat, and even if the front office decides to play their amnesty card on oft-injured Guard/Forward Mike Miller, Miami will almost certainly use that money and cap room on a big man to complement their core. Terry s age and skill set make him a low priority for a team like the Heat, unless he is willing to play for the minimum.

As a disciple of Jerry Maguire, he is not willing to play for the minimum.

The more likely scenario surrounding Jet s recent comments are that they relate to his contract situation in general, not specifically the Heat. Terry has consistently referred to his games this year as job interviews since he didn t receive an extension from the Mavericks this season and will be an unrestricted free agent after this year ends, in the playoffs or otherwise. One thing we have learned about Jason Terry over his 7+ years in Dallas is that he uses his mouth to try and motivate himself. It doesn t always necessarily work, but he has never deviated from that process. It s usually reserved to reference his play in big games or the playoffs, but in this case it simply seems to be his way of feeling wanted. He needs to know that Jason Terry has a home in this league.

Terry is an emotional guy who doesn t handle uncertainty with the public grace that Dirk Nowitzki or Jason Kidd do. His emotion and passion are part of what have made him a great Maverick, but can also be the equivalent of throwing fuel on a fire when things aren t going right for the Mavs, or Mavs fans. To make comments like Terry did BEFORE making just one shot out of ten against the team he said he would consider joining, while insisting on wearing gold shoes, simply points to a lack of awareness on his part.

The Mavs are now up just one game in the loss column on 9th place in the Western Conference, with one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league. Whether his head is in it or not, Terry is a leader of the club and needs to at least give the perception that he cares about something other than Deron Williams or Dwight Howard.

Terry has been a big part of the Mavericks for a long time. You almost feel sorry for how he is seemingly being hung out to dry as his contract expires until you realize that the Dallas Mavericks have paid him more than $70 million for his services over the past 8 years, including more than $11 million this year.

Jason Terry is a legendary, beloved Maverick. His number will hang in the American Airlines Center rafters when all is said and done in his career. He has been paid handsomely for what he has done here, even overpaid. The Mavericks have more than shown him the money during his tenure with the team. All they need from him is to be a professional while the business side of this season gets sorted out.

Talking, gold shoes, and poor performances won t help anyone.

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