DALLAS - A woman was taken into custody and her one-year-old child was transported to Children's Medical Center of Dallas after police received a 911 call about a baby who was cut on the neck, police said.

Police said the call came in just after 6:30 a.m., with Danielle Busby claiming to have cut her baby's throat.

Busby could be seen placed in handcuffs this morning at a home located in the 10900 block of Marchant Circle. Dallas police said they recovered the kitchen knife they believe was used to cut the infant's throat. The knife was found inside the home.

Police said they believe Busby was home alone with the child at the time of the cutting.

The one-year-old girl, Mariah, was transported to Children's Medical Center of Dallas. While hospital officials said they are not allowed to release information pertaining to the case as CPS investigates, police said she underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

Police said the knife wound cut the child's larynx, but narrowly missed her carotid artery, which is why doctors are optimistic that the little girl will be able to make a full recovery.

Police said Busby's sister called authorities last week to report that she believed the mother to be mentally ill and a possible danger to the child. Police did respond, but said the child did not appear to be in danger. The mother told police she was taking her medications, police said. Authorities then informed the sister she could contact CPS if she still believed the child was in danger.

Dallas police were also called to the home in June when Mariah was three months old. A police report indicates Busby was seen running around only wearing a shirt and underwear. Busby was taken into custody for mental observation because they believed she was a danger to herself and others. It is unclear how long she was under a doctor's observation before she was released.

Dallas officers receive 24 hours of training learning how to deal with people who have mental disabilities.

Relatives said over the last few weeks, Busby had been walking around the neighborhood in an apparent daze.

She never would talk to us about it, but you can just tell there's been a lot on her mind, said George Baylock, Busby's cousin. But, we just never thought this could happen.

Child abuse detectives are investigating the case. CPS has not answered News 8 questions about the case, including whether they were involved in the case previously. They did report that they may take temporary custody of the child.

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