WYLIE - After 20 inches of rain since December, Lake Lavon is finally inching toward its normal level. It's almost three feet down.

But the water district that serves dozens of area cities still does not have access to Lake Texoma's water, which accounts for 28 percent of its supply. That's one of the reasons Collin County is still under Stage-3 Water Restrictions.

The North Texas Municipal Water District says twice per month restrictions are still in place until at least June 1. Officials say with all the rain we've had, there's no reason to water right now. They re asking North Texans to turn their sprinklers off.

With all the rain we've had the last four months, they're feeling a lot better about the local water supply. But there are still major problems.

Back on Oct. 26, Lavon was so dry on the west side of the Lucas bridge, grass was growing. On the east side, the water line was hundreds of yards from the bridge.

Tuesday at that same location, there is water on both sides of the bridge.

The lake is up five feet from this time last year.

We're hoping with all the rains we've received since December, that we would have some relief for this summer, said Denise Hickey, North Texas Municipal Water District Spokesperson.

The problem at Lake Texoma is zebra mussels, an invasive species that the water district wants to avoid spreading. The pipeline that carries water from Texoma to Sister Grove Creek and on into Lake Lavon is shut down.

Regardless of how much rain we will receive from now through the rest of the spring, it still does not relieve the water supply issue we have with Texoma, Hickey said.

The good news is, tougher, Stage-4 Water Restrictions set to go into effect on June 1 won't be needed.

But water district officials says with our weather so unpredictable, it's still too early to tell what spring and summer weather will bring.


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