FRISCO - At least one teen was injured early Tuesday as thousands waited in line at Stonebriar Centre Mall for wristbands to see a British boy band scheduled to play at a later date.

The teen suffered breathing problems when she was crushed as the doors opened at about 7 a.m. for those hoping to get a chance to see the band One Direction on March 24.

Two-thousand wristbands were available for the event at Barnes and Noble, where the band is scheduled to make an appearance.

Parents called the scene frantic, with children rushing through the doors, some even losing their shoes and trampling over one another.

Everyone just came running and running and they pushed me and I fell, said one teen.

Frisco police said they started getting 911 calls about the crowd starting at about 6:37 a.m. A dozen officers responded to the scene, they said.

At about five minutes until seven, a police officer just said like this [moves her arms out and back] and the crowd just mobbed the doors, said Tonya Boozer, one mother at the mall.

The teen that was having breathing problems was taken away from the scene on a stretcher.

About 30 minutes after the doors were opened, police arrived at the scene, escorting people back outside the mall to form a line.

Of course, all the people that were behind us got first in line, said Lauren Curran, a fan.

Stacy Schuch, a spokeswoman with Stonebriar Centre Mall, said they anticipated the large crowd.

Frisco PD, along with EMS, along with our security were here, she said.

Once order was restored, groups of 20 were allowed inside Barnes & Nobles to get their wristband.

While kids were allowed to camp out in their cars starting Monday, they were not allowed to line up on the sidewalk until early Tuesday morning. Even with the extra thousand, teens were seen leaving the scene without wristbands and in tears.

Frisco police said they were not involved in the planning for the promotion at Stonebriar.

While 2,000 wristbands were passed out, only 1,000 were originally planned to be given away.


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