FORT WORTH - Texas Christian University's swift action is making national headlines after police arrested 18 people, including students and football players, in a drug sweep.

The cases have yet to be sent to the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office.

For criminal defense attorney and former assistant district attorney for Dallas County Toby Shook, more arrests might be on the way, but he doesn't expect investigators to round up any large suppliers.

Usually the police, when they make arrests like this, they are looking to turn suspects into an informant to make a bigger drug bust, Shook said. In this case, it looks like from the very beginning they were planned to send a message to the student body.

A look at the warrants reveals that the largest deals include those allegedly made by football players David Yendry and Devin Johnson. Their alleged marijuana sales total less than $1,600. Suspect Bud Dillard is accused of selling 250 Xanax pills for $750, and suspect Matthew Davis faces charges for allegedly participating in three buys totaling $1,800.

The actual drug transactions are small time, on the scale of what prosecutors see, Shook said. These are small, hand-to-hand deliveries of drugs.

Shook also told News 8, he doesn't see any of the suspects facing serious time behind bars, because most of them do not have a criminal records.

If they don't go to the penitentiary, they still are going to face some serious probation, Shook said. I think this was a very organized effort to send a message to their student body. [...] I'm sure there are a lot of toilets being flushed in the TCU area.


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