SAN ANTONIO At least two Texans were among the 140 Americans on board that Italian cruise ship that ran aground late Friday night, and they are safe.

Steve Garcia's parents live in San Antonio. They were stunned to learn their son was aboard the ill-fated Costa Concordia when it hit bottom and turned on its side.

Garcia is traveling with his partner, Blake Miller. Garcia managed to call his mother, Christine Garcia, after the accident.

She said he sounded Very very concerned. Like I tell you there's a break in his voice that I can hear, she said. He says, 'I'm going to be OK.' He says all their clothes were all on the ship, their money is on the ship.... just with what they had.

Christine Garcia admitted that she was so glad to hear her son's voice she forgot to ask him many questions.

Her son is currently staying at a hotel in Rome. He is a school teacher at Deerpark Middle School in Round Rock, an Austin suburb.

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