D/FW AIRPORT - A little before 10 p.m. Friday night, Jakadrien Turner walked out of a terminal at D/FW International Airport smiling and huddled with her family, surrounded by a horde of media.

She arrived at about 6:45 p.m. Friday from Atlanta, where she changed planes after leaving Colombia Friday morning. When her Delta flight landed, she was escorted off of the tarmac by police and taken to a secluded location. She was questioned for nearly three hours by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and state officials.

Meanwhile, her mother and grandmother arrived to greet her, carrying something that would comfort her.

It's a Snuggie, said Jakadrien's mother, Johnisa Turner. It's one of her favorite blankets.

Jakadrien's attorney, Ray Jackson, told the media the 15-year-old girl would not be making any comments, and spoke on the family's behalf.

They want to get their daughter home, they want their daughter to be able to get some rest, they want to reunite the family, Jackson said. That's the purpose of this day. They're very happy that we were able to get them home.

Jackson went on to say he plans on demanding answers from the government agencies who deported a 15-year-old girl without thoroughly identifying her.

We are excited that the first step is out of the way, Jackson said. [The next step is] to make the people who are responsible pay for the civil rights violations that Ms. Turner has had to go through.

Members of United Response Search Rescue, the group that helped the family find Jakadrien were also on hand with welcome signs.

This is a tremendous blessing for the family, and for the team that goes out, search after search after search, said Dana Ames, a member of the group. Sure, the child is going to have a lot to go through over the coming days and months, and the family, too. And we just want to welcome her home.

The family says for right now, they are just going to spend some quiet time together and get some questions answered.


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