DALLAS - Governor Rick Perry is looking ahead to the South Carolina primary.

And his team is hitting up Twitter followers looking for more donations.

Will you help us reach our 'on to South Carolina' $250,000 goal by donating? Team Rick Perry asked on Twitter Thursday morning.

A short time later, the team said, twitterverse, will you help us win South Carolina by donating.

Leaving Iowa Wednesday following the caucuses, where he came in fifth with 10 percent of the votes, Perry indicated South Carolina, a southern state that can accurately pick Republican presidents, would be a better fit for him.

South Carolina is a place where I feel comfortable [with] the values and the people and the time that we spent there, Perry said.

Heavy with veterans and evangelicals, Perry will be spending nearly all his time there leading up to the primary Jan. 21, according to his campaign spokesman.

And of course, spending a lot of money, too.

Although sources told Politico Perry has $3.5 million on hand, the campaign would only tell WFAA it has millions and the resources to compete.

The competition will be seen on TV and Perry will start airing an ad in South Carolina Friday.

It's not a negative ad just yet, like the one criticizing Rick Santorum in Iowa, but instead a positive ad on Perry's background.

The super PAC supporting Perry, Make Us Great Again, has already spent nearly $2 million on pro-Perry ads since November and just placed another buy for $130,000 for this week.

Look for Perry to appeal to South Carolina veterans by highlighting his service in the Air Force.

Politically, Perry will make the argument to very conservative Republican voters he's the only candidate with the record, organization and funding to compete with Mitt Romney in the long term, and that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum cannot.

That didn't sell in Iowa.

Perry will try it again in the Palmetto state.


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