Dallas Skyline's season is over, and it's time for parents and school officials to let it go.

The story earlier tonight that Skyline is appealing to the UIL is sending the wrong message to the kids at Skyline.

I've seen the onside kick on three different videos, and I think it was the right call. And even if it wasn't the right call, there's nothing on tape that would make anybody overrule a referee's decision.

It's a hard thing to lose a football game in Texas, but to quote the great philosopher Tony Romo: If that's the worst thing the kids at Skyline have to deal with, they'll have a very good life.

I think the kids would be better served if the parents and school officials would tell them now that sometimes in life, mistakes are made. You don't always win, even if you think you should.

But you always get up and go on.

Dallas Skyline has a great deal to be proud of. Their football team had an incredible year. They played a great game. And they lost... somebody always does.

But to whine about a referee's call? To blame a referee for losing? Let's leave that to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

He does it enough for all of us.


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