ARLINGTON It's good to be friends with Patsy Cantrell.

A Texas Rangers season ticket-holder for more than 15 years, Cantrell hardly ever misses a game.

She's a real special lady; she's really generous about that kind of thing, said one of those friends, Judy Mauldin. She is a sports person and she wants to share and she's a great ladies' lady.

Cantrell always shares her six seats with family and friends from the regular season to the playoffs.

When times are good, I'm full, she said. When times are not good, maybe we are two or three... sometimes the men will come if we really push them!

But when the Rangers are hot, Cantrell's phone starts ringing.

It's amazing how all of the sudden somebody I haven't heard from in a long time, will call, she said.

But on most days, Cantrell is inviting her best lady friends to sit with her at Rangers Ballpark.

This is one is my daughter-in-law, so I'm stuck with her, Cantrell said with a smile. Ann is my baseball friend. She is always coming. Nancy, I've known since we were in high school. She's a baseball fan.

The group of friends has been making memories throughout the years, and not all them are good ones.

I think the worst memory I have was during a New York game, Cantrell said. We were surrounded by New York fans, and we lost and they were not very nice.

But the good moments are the ones worth holding on to.

When A-Rod struck out, loved it! Perfect! Cantrell said.

The special friendship of this special group grows stronger with baseball's surge in North Texas, and Patsy Cantrell was at the center of it.

These ladies I would have never known, and now you just feel like they are your buddies, said Andra Cantrell.

The nicest thing is to have a friend that will ask you, added Nancy Honts. The second nicest thing is to have people that like baseball and get along well. We all do. We just yell, scream and act crazy!

And, now, these ladies are ready to cheer on the home team in the World Series.


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