DALLAS Dallas police are shutting down a rave club after the death of 19-year-old Mathew Allen.

They've also a arrested a teenage girl who, they believe, sold Allen the drugs that contributed to his death.

Police tell News 8 that more arrests are coming.

Dallas homicide, narcotics and vice officers have been investigating the Afterlife club since Allen died on August 13. They've been working hard to link the death to Allen's drug supplier and others who were allegedly selling drugs at the nightspot.

Police named 19-year-old Skyler Brandt as the woman who sold more than a dozen pure ecstasy pills to Allen.

Through the investigation, we were able to determine she was the individual who delivered the drugs to Mr. Allen that he ingested and ultimately caused his death, said Deputy Chief Andrew Acord.

Witnesses told police Allen had a seizure at the club. His friends later drove him to a hospital where he died.

Dallas police said they are able to prove drug sales were going on inside the club regularly, and have obtained six warrants for other people who they say sold drugs there.

Police allege that the drug sales were going on with the knowledge of those who run the Afterlife club.

It is our belief that employees, management, and/or ownership had knowledge that drug activity was taking place inside Club Afterlife, and failed to take appropriate action to stop that type of activity, Acord said.

So the vice squad pulled the facility's dance hall permit, and plans to shut the club down.

The city attorney's office said it had a meeting a couple of years ago with club owner Mark Annis, warning him about the drug sales and illegal activity.

I recalled him denying that he felt like they had such problems at the club, said Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles.

This is the second time this year the city and DPD have moved to shut down a rave club. They say they won't hesitate to shut down other clubs that may be breaking the law.

Sources told News 8 that Dallas police have a recording of a conversation in which Brandt admits selling drugs to Allen. They have also sent in undercover officers to buy drugs inside the club.

At least one other person is currently under arrest, and they are looking for the others.


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