KELLER - Keller ISD's board of trustees unanimously approved making changes to its controversial pay-for-ride bus program.

The board decided to spend some of the district's $6 million surplus to fund every rider after two per family - a $400,000 expense.

It will also take on the $15 electronic bus pass fee for every rider. The cost for that change is estimated at $210,000.

The changes disappointed Jim Harris, a parent. They will not benefit his wallet. He's only paying for one child to take the bus to school.

They are putting the cost of the school bus service on people who are already pay for taxes, said Harris. It's just wrong.

The board decided not to pay for the entire program, and kept most of its surplus dollars.

Always wish we can do more, but I think keeping the $4.2 million allows us to be a little more wiser in the future, said trustee Jim Stitt.

But, the board did move forward with using some of those dollars to also reinstate some non-teacher jobs, athletic stipends and invest in additional educational projects.

The budget amendments were more than $2 million.

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