DALLAS --Dallas County health officials announced on Wednesday plans to distribute thousands of doses of flu vaccine.

But, there is concern because not every North Texan who wants one will not be able to get a flu shot just yet.

If you have driven by a grocery store or pharmacy, you have likely noticed those businesses have had influenza vaccine for weeks. Many area doctors have the shots too.

But the health departments do not have them yet.

Dallas County Health Director Zach Thompson questioned the disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

I think public health departments should get the vaccine before anyone or at the same time at least, said Zachary Thompson, Dallas County health director. So, I was a little concerned to see that they already got the vaccine. Especially with the population we're targeting which is going to be our elderly, low-income individuals.

Dallas County ordered 26,000 doses for adults and children.

Tarrant County ordered 5,000. Officials there tell News 8 they have not received enough for any distribution.

There is no explanation for why public health departments are slower to get vaccine than private providers or major retailers.

Considering past shortages and high demand, Dallas County is glad to start giving the flu fighter Thursday, before the virus officially hits North Texas.

This year, youngsters between 6-months to 8-years-old who received flu vaccine last year will need only one dose, instead of two.

Dallas County health department on Stemmons opens at 8 a.m. on Thursday.

The cost is $5 for children, $20 for adults. Medicare covers the price for seniors.


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